A downloadable game for Windows

A simple puzzle type game built on top of monogame :)

Drag the goo to the sink using the mouse


Right click: Attract nearby goo

R: Restart Level

T: Return Goo to the start

CTRL: Show placement menu

Left Click + CTRL: Place Orb

You can scroll through the menu and Left click to place if you have any of those orbs available.

The post-jam version includes fixes to the planets to make goo orbit more smoothly and a dev console which lets you save your own levels. (~ to open console, gm.DevMode() gm.Save("levelname") gm.Load("levelname") keys Q - E && A - D to place stuff oh and g as well). F3 to view colliders if you fancy.

Install instructions

You need DirectX 9 and .Net 4.0 + to run it.


JamWinx86DX.zip 6 MB
PostJamWinx86DX.zip 6 MB